What is our Do (Path)?

I realize this is in Japanese. But what can you observe from it, beyond the narration?

The first part of the video is the beginners class at Hombu Dojo. You can see them practicing the same basic waza you (hopefully) do in your dojo.

Notice how the students practice. Notice their focus and determination.

The second part is the "main floor" (the one with the large 'aikido' scroll in the kamiza) of Hombu. It's where the majority of the students practice daily, as they have for fifty years.

Again, notice how they practice. Is the practice on the "main floor" more violent? More complex? Does is appear more advanced?

What strikes me immediately is the fact that students are not standing around talking about what they are doing. I see bodies moving: attacks and throws, back and forth. No discussion. No competitions. Not like most dojos in the West. 

While the techniques of aikido truly do take time to learn, they become natural and instinctual in our bodies over time. They are complex in their simplicity. They are confident, pure and powerful – without being pompous, aggressive, or overly occupied with winning or losing. But this can only be experienced through physical practice, repeated daily.

This is what aikido practice is. This is our 'do'.