Building the Future by Experiencing the Past

What a wonderful video! While we don't necessarily need to know "aikido history" to practice the art today, I personally find it very interesting and nostalgic to hear from the old guys and to think about how this art has progressed. Recalling the first time I ever saw Osensei (via a VHS tape) I said to myself, "What is this guy doing? That's not what I'm being taught!" Perhaps it was just my curious nature, but I made a concerted effort from that time on to collect books, videos, magazines, etc. that could help me to deepen my understanding of the art.

As someone who has lived and breathed aikido for most of my life, I'm so glad that - with online social media and web videos - today these personal accounts of aikido's past can be shared; as well as videos that have been kept private for literally decades - only to be now shared with the world.

What a great communication tool the Internet can be!

Today we practice aikido as a "modern" martial art, with real applications in our lives; both spiritually and physically. But even though we may not be practicing to be samurai, or we may not need warrior arts on a day-to-day basis for our survival, watching these personal accounts remind me of the spirit that fills the soul of aikido. We must never lose sight of this spirit; or the soul that built the foundations of our art.

If nothing else, videos like these hopefully will inspire you to digest aikido's teachings a little deeper than just learning a way to fight or defend yourself. Aikido requires our full commitment for it to work: mind, body and spirit. This is what I take from this video and from Isoyama Sensei.

Dan Dease